She used to remember her dreams Vivid painterly worlds Blue green and grand Wind swept plains Blue ocean sky She awakes to the dark now She stays in the dark Dreams evaporate like water On the hot gray highway Of her reality Advertisements

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She holds the door open with her probably steel-tipped combat boots connected to ripped black tattered stockings adjacent to faded jean shorts and studded black belt just south of a white tank top, olive green combat jacket with rolled up sleeves exposing other sleeved skin of colored flowers and symbols and he doesn’t know what […]

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My Drug Buddy

It was late and the wife and cat were fast asleep. As is customary for self-diagnosed insomniacs, I began the time-honored tradition of random Facebook searching. Jessie is married, Amanda is on her third kid, Emily doesn’t exist? Probably blocked. That’s okay, she pretty much sucked anyway. Just about everyone holds in their hands a […]

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Final Transmission

I can feel them all over me now. Hands grasp, pulling me apart at the inches; beaten and bloody stubs with bent back fingernails. They claw, scrape, dig, pull, tear, wrench, throttle, maim me. I can feel their pain as they do it, souls wailing out – they want my destruction. They scream like animals […]

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The Written Register

There was once a wonderful little podcast program called “The Writer’s Almanac” which was hosted by the dulcet tones of writer and radio personality Garrison Keillor. It ran on National Public Radio via Minnesota Public Radio. The show and Mr. Keillor’s radio presence were terminated a few months ago due to allegations of ‘inappropriate behavior’ […]

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Thomas Sankara

Thomas Sankara, former president of the African country Burkina Faso, was born on this day in 1949. He was assassinated and overthrown by his subordinate Blaise Compaoré in 1987. A week before his assassination, he declared: “While revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas.” A user from the website Reddit has posted […]

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The Wolf

It was dark and cold. And yet he was awake all the same. Beside him lay her, peaceful, at rest. Lost deep in a dreamland of which he could only guess. He got up slowly, careful not to disturb her. He put on his boots and his coat. Buttoned to the neck. He stepped out […]

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