Brick and Mortar

I met a peddler from an antique store, Who said – “Fifty percent off every book in house It all must go…. None come in here anymore” Dusty and old it was now, yet full Of wrinkled page, and bent decay of spine, Tell the story of its pages well read Which left behind, still […]

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Even Deeper

Almost 10 years ago to the day I had the very fortunate opportunity to capture these images. They are microscopic photos of various cells illuminated with false coloring done at the time of capture, not using Photoshop in post. I am very appreciative of the staff at the University of South Carolina Biology Department for […]

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Nathaniel Rosenthal was a certified public accountant on the 33rd floor of Leishmann and Leishmanns. He had been employed there for 27 years and had held a flawless attendance record, which his boss had always complimented him on. His work was fulfilling in a way that he found hard to describe to friends and family. […]

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“Have a good day, honey, I love you!” Vanessa kissed George goodbye as she ran out the door, her shoes barely on, her hair a mess, her mind on the next eight hours of her day. Starbucks drive-through at nine. Meeting at nine-thirty. Processing reports from ten till noon. Lunch at Ciabata’s from twelve to […]

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Thomas Sankara – The Upright Man

No writing or photography today, just a little history lesson around about this man, who I had not heard of until recently. President of the African country of Burkina Faso from 1983-1987, Thomas Sankara enacted revolutionary reforms for the former French colony, before being assassinated by his close friend and second in command, Blaise Compaore. […]

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The Little Things

“You promise you’re gonna work on them?” “I promise, darling. I will. I shouldn’t have waited this long. Work and all.” “Yeah I know, but the wedding is next week. We need your vows done by this weekend.” “I said I would! I will! Don’t stress.” Kiss “Now go or you’re gonna be late for […]

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He slams the car door shut and jams the key into the ignition. Reverse. Drive. Gone. On the corner Mrs. Dillerson, tending to her garden as she did every Sunday afternoon, waved, her face beaming with that typically Southern “wasn’t the pastor wonderful during today’s sermon?” countenance. Greg returns a pitiful display for a greeting, […]

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