Working hard or hardly working?

The Path.jpg

The Path – 2007

Sitting here at work, working hard, or not, and decided to add yet another photo. Soon I’ll get a better hang at this “updating” craze I hear all the kids talking about these days, but right now I’m just plain slow. These images are part of a series of black and whites I’ve been taking at night… I’ve found my goal has been one of abstraction and of bringing out details from the night. I find myself crazy interested in pushing my camera beyond the range of the human eye, in seeing what is both there and not. I have long since believed in an idea of “eternity” – something in nothing, something in everything. Not necessarily religious in any way, just this idea that things go on, and on, and on still. Something that lasts forever. I believe with photography I am able to capture that feeling. The stillness of a photo, to me, is very different than the motion of a film. There is always an understood past and future in a photo, but all the viewer can see is this one, singular moment, forever captured in time. Every millisecond after the click of the shutter is different, but for one interchangeable period of time, something is captured. There is something there for me.

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