new series

I’m currently working on something a little new and different for me. It’s all about abstraction and metaphysics and shit like that. Basically, for now, I’m calling it “The Natural Photograph” and it centers around this idea of using ones body to create a photo. Here’s how it works –> the body is a natural creation, which houses loads of electricity and energy, the camera is a machine, which houses the unmade photo. So when you use your body to influence the “creation” of the photo, it actually transcends mechanical to become natural. To prepare for this series, I spent a good bit of time studying biorhythms, bioelectromagnetism, galvanism, all sciences dealing with energy and electricity that the body creates and emits. On the polar opposite side of that, I studied philosophical answers to this phenomena; namely chi, qi, ki, energy flow, “lifebreath” and so forth. All the photos are taken at night, because I like to pull something from nothing, detail from the darkness, something that is seemingly invisible, yet there, just like the electricity flowing over your body right now. My subjects include mainly outdoors, natural light, environmental settings because I feel they lend best to the visuals I am attempting to convey. Below are some examples of what I’m attempting to display here:








Með sólinni er hún                    “She is with the sun,
Og er hún, inni hér                        and it’s out here

En hvar ert þú….”                        but where are you…”

– “Glosoli” – Sigur Ros


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