Gitmo detainees can challenge their detention

You’re damn right they can. You see, it’s called the Constitution. How about the writ of Habeas corpus?  Remember that thing, George?  Here’s a reminder, just in case.  So, if anyone cares, here’s my opinion on the whole matter:  I don’t support terrorism in any form.  And I never will.  Hate breeds mindless destruction, not change.  However, I do support the Constitution.  And the Constitution doesn’t allow for the kind of treachery that we’ve been exacting on these people.  If George Washington were alive today, he’d probably be leading a revolution against US.  And he’d be right for doing so. 


“Building the future and keeping the past alive are one in the same thing.”

– Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


One thought on “Gitmo detainees can challenge their detention

  1. Hell fucking yes! I heard this on my supremely left of left podcast and the ‘caster was cheering “hey hey its habeus corpus day!” Goodbye kangaroo courts! Goodbye innocent until trying and RETRYING proves guilty! (Hopefully) Doctor’s taking care of prisoners SO THEY CAN BE MORE THROUGHLY AND PRECISELY TORTURED!!

    P.S. You’re awesome.

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