proud to be a South Carolinian?

SC Plans Christian License Plate

Proud to be Unconstitutional?  I’m buying a “Proud to be Daoist” license plate ASAP.  Andre Bauer – put your 4 grand towards helping the sick and homeless and keep your “Christian values” to yourself.  Some of us are trying to eat here.  Geez. 

Sidenote:  Don’t get me wrong, I respect Christianity very much.  I also respect most religions.  Something I feel that a lot of Christians don’t do.  And it’s important.  So is using $4,000 to help people who need it.  Just saying.  Think about it. 


“Well man, could it be that the girls and boys are trying to be heard above your noise? And the lonely voice of youth cries: “what is truth?””

– “What Is Truth” – Johnny Cash


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