displaced New Yorkers

They’re everywhere here in Columbia, SC. I love talking to them, they speak so fondly of their earliest memories of the city and their lives there.  A gentleman today was telling me of the first time he realized he had a photographic memory.  He had fallen asleep in his High School history class.  The teacher suddenly called on him to answer a question.  Awaking from his slumber, he not only answered the question correctly, but could also tell him what page number in the text book the answer was on.  I can barely remember what I did 5 minutes ago, let alone 50 years.  Awesome.

Speaking of NYC, here’s an interesting article about 2 people who both, in the same day, July 5th, climbed the New York Times building to protest.  One is the french Spider-Man, Alain Robert and the other, just some bored Brooklyn guy, Renaldo Clarke, protesting Malaria.  Then today, AGAIN, another NY Times climber, protesting (what else?) the war.  And Bush.  And he has his own crazy conspiracy theory, which you can read about here on his fashionably designed website (which I only post b/c of the sheer laughability of it).  You can also check out his new (see: old?) book, with equally fashionable design. 

Note: sarcasm – a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark.

updated: Thank you for this, Mr. Martin.  I’m glad we feel the same way.


“If he wants to climb something, he can climb the walls inside his jail cell at Rikers.”

– Councilman Peter Vallone


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