HIV/AIDS patients face immigration restrictions


U.S. To Begin Removing Ban on HIV-Positive Visitors

Well then.  Seems I was a little late on this story.  Just yesterday the US Department of Health and Human Services got the ok to begin removing the ban.  Apparently its a long and quite confusing road to do so (read more in the link up top) but it could potentially be gone by the end of the year. Wonderful!


(below is an except from the article posted on – an amazing resource for HIV/AIDS info)


People With HIV Not Welcome Here

Nathan Schaefer, Felix Lopez, Vishal Trevedi, and Joshua Volle

Summer 2008

The U.S. remains one of only 13 countries in the world to bar even short-term visitors from entering simply because they are HIV-positive. (The other 12 countries are Iraq, China, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Moldova, Russia, Armenia, and South Korea.) This policy violates the human rights of immigrants and travelers and contributes to stigma and discrimination. Highly skilled workers who have full health insurance cannot seek legal permanent residence in the U.S. if they have HIV, unless they have an opposite-sex spouse or child who is an American citizen or lawful permanent resident. This discriminates against gay men and lesbians. Further, the ban undermines the global fi ght against HIVAIDS by blocking access to treatment and returning people to countries where HIV care is limited or unavailable.


The heart of the security agenda is protecting lives – and we now know that the number of people who will die of AIDS in the first decade of the 21st Century will rival the number that died in all the wars in all the decades of the 20th century. “

Al Gore


3 thoughts on “HIV/AIDS patients face immigration restrictions

  1. I am sorry to hear, that, the ban on “HIV Positive” perspns entering the U,S, is about to be lifted,..Clearly, the presents of such persons, in this country, is NOT, a “good”, thing, as, at least, “some”, of them, will be “sexually active”, while here,..especially so those of the “homosexual” pursuasion, who, as a group, tend to be “irresponsible”, in regards to there “sexual” practices,..Indeed, isn’t being “irrisponsible”, how they got AIDS, in the first place,.? Any nation, has the right,..even the responsibility, to it’s citizens, to ban any person, who has a contageouse desease,..especially,..AIDS,…

    1. I believe your viewpoints to be both narrow-minded and bigoted. Would you be satisfied if we simply rounded up all those with HIV/AIDS and gave them their own island to live on? Perhaps that would make you feel “safe” from the “evils” of “diseased people” and homosexuals with their “irresponsible sexual practices”? One can contract HIV/AIDs through a variety of methods, it is not only sexually transmitted. I would also like to point out that a vast majority of HIV/AIDS sexual transmission occur between MALES and FEMALES, thereby debunking your poor attempt to further the ridiculous stigma that classifies HIV as a “gay disease”. As for your comments on a nations “rights” – I understand that your cowardly way of solving this crisis is to turn a blind eye, but I hate to break this to you: closing your eyes and ignoring it will NOT solve anything, but will only make things worse. And if there is any country that has the economic and emotional capacity to help these people, well then it must certainly be America. So yes, I am happy that this unconstitutional ban is being reversed, because it stands for everything that America is not.

      And I only post your comment because I felt that my readers might enjoy the narrow-mindedness of your attempt at an argument.

  2. This is good news! I was diagnosed hiv poz last june. It so happened that i was about to migrate to the U.S. with permanent resident as my petitioner. we cancelled the interview on a later time to get help from an immigration lawyer. For all we know U.S. citizen and not permanent resident has the right to sign up the waiver for people like me. Is this true? I’m hoping that this law will be published the soonest time possilble.

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