“Moon” – movie review


Ok so I’m going to attempt to give a review of the movie “Moon” without any spoilers.  But be warned, I may screw up and spoil something, so FYI in advance.  Click the pic above to watch the trailer.

“Moon” was a phenomenal movie starring Sam Rockwell and directed by Duncan Jones AKA David Bowie Jr.  In the film Rockwell plays the character “Sam” who is contracted by Lunar Industries  to stay on the moon for 3 years mining “Helium-3” – a particle that helped create clean and abundant energy back on Earth.   Except for a robotic companion named Gerty (voiced by Kevin Spacey) Sam is all alone.  Left behind on Earth are his wife and daughter, whom he misses very much.  Sam is about to wrap up his 3-year duration and at last end his isolation when, while on a routine check on the moon’s surface, he discovers someone else, someone that seems quite familiar.  That’s all I can say on the plot without massive spoilage and believe me, this is one movie you do not want spoiled!

What I can say is that this movie is a welcomed breath of originality in a summer filled with sequels, eye-candy, and Bruno, which I’m pretty sure warrants its own category.  Make no mistake, this is an original hard science fiction movie, but one that is done tastefully and with heavy attention to emotion and character.  The movie hinges on Sam Rockwell’s performance and he manages to pull it off pitch-perfectly, hitting subtle nuances of loneliness and possible near-psychosis that can be pretty heart-breaking to watch.  The movie also focuses on the idea of “identity” – who we are and the “value” of our lives.  I know that sounds like a lot for one film, but it really is all there in this one.  Certainly check it out if you’re in the mood for something different and thought-provoking.


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