Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli

Asterios Polyp

Asterios Polyp is a graphic novel by comic book artist David Mazzucchelli.  Published in 2009, it is hardly his first foray into the comic world, as his previous work in Daredevil and Batman: Year One have garnered him much acclaim.  In Asterios Polyp however, he really shines.  Full of inventiveness, it reminded me most of Craig Thompson’s masterpiece Blankets (click here to learn more about that) – full of hard honesty enhanced by a unique and interesting artistic style.  Those styles, however, could not be more different.  Whereas Blankets had a very draft-like quality to the line, Asterios Polyp is very symmetrical and clean-feeling.  My guess is that this style reflects the views of the titular character in the novel, who is himself an architect.  Another thing that stands out in this work is the wonderful use of color; not in a normal way, but in an almost homage to “pop art”.  Last and certainly not least, the story itself is both intricate and involving.  Yes, it deals with relationships and people and change and possible reconciliation, but in such a way that feels realistic while not shutting out the imaginative and surreal.  You can check it out on

Below are some examples of David Mazzucchelli’s work on Batman and Daredevil:











Indeed.  Good art is hard to come by these days.


Love. Trust. Respect. Take any one of those away and the whole thing falls apart.” – Manana on love (from Asterios Polyp)


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