Roger Avary Tweets… from prison *UPDATED*

So check this out, a few months back Roger Avary, writer of Pulp Fiction and American Psycho and director of The Rules of Attraction was sentenced to prison for a DUI Manslaughter charge.

Full details here:

Well, apparently he’s been tweeting about it.  Normally I think celebrity twitter is a load of crap, but this is actually interesting.  How he’s able to pull it off, I don’t know.

Yeesh.  Certainly not the best mug shot in the world.  But the be fair, who really does have a good mug shot?  Oh yeah, this lady:


But not with anything having to do with Roger Avary.  Just discovered this Crysis mod online and it proves what I’ve been saying all along: a Back to the Future next gen game would SELL! And be amazing! Behold!


When this baby gets up to 88mph, you’re going to see some serious shit. ” – Doctor Emmett L. Brown


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