Scrubs: Med School

Intro to the “new” Scrubs:

Ok so, I’m definitely not the biggest Scrubs fan in the world, I don’t even own any.  But I’d like to think I’ve watched my fair share, and with the “sitcom” being pretty much dead, I was very happy to see this show on last Tuesday.  Spin-offs or “revamps” can always be dangerous (case in point: the Friends spin-off  “Joey”) but after watching the first two episodes of Scrubs: Med School, I feel pretty confident that it will succeed.  My only pending fear is the removal of JD, which I hear is possible in the near future.  While I don’t feel the secondary new characters are weak at all, they certainly have potential, having Zach Braff around legitimizes the show as “Scrubs” – which maybe the creators don’t want to do.  Either way, I’ll keep watching.

And now for an awesome Sam Neil Jurassic Park photo:


God creates dinosaurs.  God destroys dinosaurs.  God creates man.  Man destroys God.  Man creates dinosaurs.”

– Dr. Ian Malcolm


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