Happy New Year!

Thank God, the dreaded 0’s (as I like to call them) are done.  2010.  It sound so epic.  Like we should have flying cars and time machines, but eh, we don’t.  I wish I could get in a time machine and break the news gently to my younger self, so he wouldn’t have to go through life believing we’d all be in a bunch of flying Deloreans by now.  Speaking of, here is a good clip to ring in the new year. Its Biff Tanen (aka Tom Wilson) singing a song about how many dumb questions he gets asked about Back to the Future.

More Back to the Future awesomeness, “sweded” (if that word means nothing to you, then you havent seen “Be Kind, Rewind” – for shame)


” Uh, I’ve got a hundred-jiga-pimpa-wats! ”


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