South Carolina’s HIV/AIDS Budget Slashed (thebody.com)

AIDS Cuts Cost Lives (the local Free Times periodical)

Unacceptable.  Simply put.  I don’t care what you have to do, you do NOT cut financial aid to ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Program) and other programs that help poor people (who are overwhelming affected by this virus) obtain the meds they need TO SURVIVE.  I don’t care if Mark Sanford himself has to take a paycut and won’t be able to afford to fly down to Argentina every other weekend to not run the state.  This is just outrageous.  I had planned to write a whole long diatribe but now I’m just too angry to say anything intelligent (ie: not just a long stream of curse words.) This just is NOT right.


Ok.  In an attempt to curb anger, I’m going to offer something different.  This is a short film produced by Spike Jonze about AIDS in Africa and people getting treatment.  Yes, it’s a bit dour, but honestly, so is the situation over there, and here in the States as well.  It’s worth a watch, IMO.


And since all this has been real heavy, I’m going to present a stupid funny video to cool the mood.  Its a “spoof” of the video game Trauma Center, which is like a video-game Operation where you… well you get the picture.



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