Old Comics from “Punk Magazine” circa 1978

Lately I’ve been big on “zines” – basically self-published magazines (hence the term “zine”). The title of this blog actually was the title of my first ever zine I “published” in grade school. Usually they’re pretty low-fi, sometimes they feature famous characters (such as this very saucy and NSFW Daredevil / Black Widow romp by Matt Seneca).


So imagine my joy when I came across this super lo-fi and exciting comic from Punk magazine’s Mutant Monster Beach Party issue.

Featuring Joey Ramone (former lead singer of the Ramones) and Debbie Harry (from Blondie) – these delightfully low tech comics are fun, tongue in cheek, and a nice throw back to bygone era when everything didn’t need to be shot at the highest RAW megapixel HD 3D blah blah blah. Check them out below!






Yes, that is, in fact, Edith Massey, who frequently appeared in John Waters’ films!

Another delightful I’ve found is The Non-Adventures of Wonderella by Justin Pierce. It’s a wonderful webcomic that parodies the character Wonder Woman, with the occasional special appearance by Batman, Superman, and other Justice Leaguers. Check that out here!

Source: Eat Tarantula


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